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Three Little Words

No sooner than I heard the words "you already know" then I realized that becoming a yoga teacher would change my life forever. A light bulb immediately went off during my training and the sheer power of this statement resonated so deeply with me that I knew I was exactly where I needed to be. When I am faced with the fluctuations of life, the anxieties of the unknown, and the temperance of ambitions, I stop to breathe and listen, and remind myself that "I already know."
As yogis, we attempt to slow down, tune in, and go deep into the true Self. With practice, we hone our intuition and learn to listen to the Guru within. By tapping into our breath and staying present we cultivate our trust in the universe and learn to let go of worry. And by letting go, we free ourselves from the energetic ties that hold us back and elevate ourselves to highest of heights.
I find freedom in knowing that I already know. In that freedom I allow myself the opportunity for growth. I move forward through difficult times with confidence and relish in the happiness of success. In repeating these three little words to myself I am reassured that I am on the right path, no matter how winding the path might seem, with the work I am doing carrying me along the way.
So, I ask...are you aware of what you already know? Are you truly present every step of the way and speaking honestly to your sat guru? And what steps are you taking to slow down and dive in?


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