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Best Qualities of a Great Yoga Instructor

Since the beginning, our mentors have a strong impact on our lives. Our first mentors are usually our parents and we can see how we mimic their qualities and habits, slowly making them a part of our lives. As we grow up and get into schools, our primary school teachers help shape our minds, teaching ways to absorb information from the environment and then processing it. Our upbringing and teaching help shape our futures. A good role-model will influence and encourage us to do better in life.

“Teaching is the greatest act of optimism.”
–Colleen Wilcox
Yoga is a mindful and disciplinary art that requires a great sense of understanding of the self and the subject. A person who has reached the depths of his mind through the practices of Yoga can explain or teach Yoga efficiently and purely. Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh first helps the budding yogis develop a better understanding of the art and then later train them to be an inspirational teacher. One cannot teach a subject unless they have mastered the skills themselves and that requires dedication and a passion to learn and preach.

Every teacher has a unique way of teaching and imparting knowledge but there are some qualities that all amazing teachers most pose:

1. Ability to connect
Be it a class of 50 or 2, a good Yoga instructor has the ability to connect with every student personally. A great Yoga instructor wouldn’t let any person in the class go unattended even the mischievous back-benchers. Every trainee has a different background, some might not be fluent in the common language, some take time to understand a concept, and some are just slow-learners and may require a special method to understand the concept. A smart yoga instructor would build clever ways to connect with that trainee to make them feel a part of the family by touching their heart and making them comfortable.

2. Strong presence
A successful teacher is a beacon of light with a strong presence, turning the attention of all trainees towards him/her. The confidence of the Yoga instructor must turn all eyes toward them and engage everyone in the activity without letting anyone get left behind. The strong presence uplifts the students and helps them focus on every move of the Yoga instructor.

3. No walls of egoism
Great teachers understand that the classroom is a gateway to knowledge and divine for the students and put them on the priority, putting aside any personal ego. Ego-less teachers happily lead and guide the classes with easy demonstration of postures, sharing the secrets of every asana formation.

4. Love for Yoga
Passion and love for Yoga are a source of energy and inspiration for the students too. In short, if you love what you do, you will always excel in the same. Yoga gurus in Yoga teacher training in Nepal have immense love and dedication for Yoga. Their years of practice and involvement in this pure art make the course very interactive and knowledge for all the participants.

5. Preparation
Depending upon the teaching style, a good teacher always works upon a detailed teaching plan to better plan out the activities and the topics to be taught in the classroom. By giving proper time and effort one can create a better experience for the students by working on the teaching strategies according to schedule and allowing students to follow the same plan for a rhythmic flow. First-hand preparation saves time, increases efficiency and keeps things synchronized.

6. Attention to Detail
A smart teacher will focus on the minute details to avoid any miscommunication with the communication. Yoga asanas need perfection and require great attention to the posture, therefore the instructor needs to observe every student to avoid any injury and execute all asanas with perfection.

7. Shares knowledge and personal experience
Personal experience and knowledge are very beneficial for the students allowing them to engage more. If the instructor shares their own experience with Yoga asanas this will let students easily grasp the point of view and first-hand experience of the instructor. Sharing knowledge to the students enlightens everyone including the instructor too as they may get cross-questioned and come up with different ways to explain and prove the point.

8. Teaching Methodology
Teaching methodology plays an important role and is a subject of great relevance in Yoga school In Rishikesh. Teaching is the foundation of any subject, without proper teaching techniques and methods the subject loses its essence, therefore proper teaching skills are an important requirement in this field.

Be a guiding light to your students and see them touch the sky.


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