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How you can discover yourself through a yogic path

Yoga is described as the journey of the self, through the self, to the self according to Bhagavad Gita and the ancient old practice helps you to discover your true self. Learn how by reading this article.

“Whichever path you take, carrying yoga with you will make it easy and beautiful” – Sadhguru
Humans have forever been on a journey to find more meaningful and deeper experiences in life. It comes natural with being human, and arguably since, the word “more” has been easily attached to this search for better experiences. More of materialism, more of love, more of grief, more of money and more of love, almost as though they are testing their extremes.

Yoga makes you connected from the within

Ancient yogis had something different that they believed in. They spent their time and days observing the human psyche which lead to the initiation of what they thought would bring these deeper experiences to them in the most consistent manner. The result was yoga. Yoga cleansed their energies and this helped them to find experiences that started from within them and connecting their worlds outside of their bodies’ rather than the other way round.
The lives that we lead and have to uphold, have kept us looking for meaningful connectedness outside the self and that made us ignore all the goodness and the energy that we held within ourselves, the infinite energy to make things possible, is within us. Happily enough with the boom of yoga, these ancient philosophies have come to rise once again and people are realizing the importance of soul-searching for the world.

The point of yoga is (to simply put it)-finding the self

The ancient yogis of India put together a process, to find something that was beyond things like behavior, ego, and personality; this was the “self” the ultimate you, which you can reach in the realm of this earth, a separate entity that you, could find only when at complete peace, satisfaction and harmony with yourself.  But how does one reach this point of satisfaction? That is when Yoga was created, the body to move like one with the mind and inner feelings, brings you closer to being satisfied with yourself and the knowledge that you have, keeping yourself open to all the unspeakable knowledge around you.

The breath is more than just that which keeps you breathing; it connects entities of different realms within you

The yoga that was discovered had the answer to meaningful living and happiness, and they harnessed the very thing that connects, the body, to the mind, and to the soul “the Breath”. Yoga has everything to do with the ways in which you take, hold, sustain, give out and release breath. Yoga directly disciplines your bodily actions in the most natural way.
As I speak of disciplining bodily actions, let me add some spotlight to the fact, that our bodies discipline itself according to the reality surrounding it, the work you need to do, the time you must sleep, the food that you must cook and eat, the social actions that you may need to perform, so on and so forth. This disciplines our bodies according to outward manifestations; it is still not the natural manifestation of discipline on your body.

Your body learns its natural rhythm and discipline

The natural manifestation of natural discipline and rhythm comes with dwelling within the self and trying to reach that sync of breath, breath, which connects your entire being.  That is the reason why breath acts as a key factor while performing yoga, you are finding multiple postures and ways in which you can still breathe easily. You are learning to diversify the ways of breathing comfortably.
Since the ultimate goal of yoga when simply put, is “knowing yourself”, then diving within is the path. Yoga allows people to discover themselves through a journey that they decide to make. It may seem like a little activity and a physical exercise, but that only means that you are avoiding the fruits of yoga. As much time you give yourself to be on this journey with faithfulness to your own virtue, the closer you come to yourself, and that just answers the hottest question in the inquisitive human mind, the question of “WHO AM I?”
No wonder yoga has gained a boom since the human collective conscious realized the need of this practice to lead a peaceful and a meaningful life. The birth of capitalism has catapulted the human race into serious chaos and they have decided to make humankind great again by bringing about peace in this wide chaos. Mass yoga retreats are happening in beautiful locations like the Himalayan countries of Nepal and India. Yoga teacher training in Nepal takes place to train more and more yoga enthusiasts to spread the goodwill of yoga in a better way. India, the birthplace of Yoga and the country that hosts the hub of Yoga witnesses’ large masses gather to be a part of the 200 hour Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh.
The philosophies of yoga have become the need of the moment for the world with all the chaos created in the outside world, the inside world has been ignored for long and people have started their individual journeys to discover the self through this wholesome practice.

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