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Top 5 Eye Yoga Exercise To Improve Your Vision

Had a long day at work? With your body breaking into pieces, do you also feel like your eyes are so strained that you just want to close them for some time? Well, it is time for you to feel a little alarmed because your vision is under compromise. There is not one person on this earth who doesn’t “digitally” strain her/his eyes. We spend almost all of our time staring at the screens of our phones and laptops and fail to realise its tremendous impact on our vision. It is also often said that in this modern time, when we are all surrounded by high rise buildings everywhere, our natural capability of distance gazing is also gradually diminishing. However, the good news is that there are various yoga exercises that can help you with improving your vision. Various yogic exercises help in relaxing your eye muscles and relieve irritation from your optic nerves.  All you need to do is to find yourself a comfortable and quiet spot to practice.
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Listed below are the top 5 yoga exercises for improving your vision.

To practice this you need to sit in a room with dim or mellow light. Relax your back and sit in a comfortable position. Now rub your palms together vigorously in order to warm them up. Once they are warm enough, rest them softly on your eyes, but make sure that your palms are hollowed so that they don’t touch your eye balls. Allow your eyes to rest as you do this. Continue this process for 2-3 minutes to reach the desired results.
Distance Gazing
This can be done in any position you find comfortable. Start off by simply staring at some object at some distance. Focus entirely on that one object, as far as possible, and blur out every other thing that surrounds it. Stare at it for half a minute and then slowly shift your focus to another object.  Continue this process for some 2-3 minutes and do not forget to take deep breaths in between.  A regular practice of this exercise can give you strong healthy eyes with great distance vision.
Focus Shifting
You can chose to either sit or stand in order to carry out this exercise. Relax your body and hold out one of your arms with the thumb pointing up. Fix your focus on that thumb and then slowly start shifting your thumb, bringing it closer to your face. Do this until you can’t focus on it clearly. Take a few deep breaths and then take your thumb back to its initial position in order to repeat the process. Repeat this for 10-15 times.
1. This is a simple exercise but improves your eye sight just as much as the others.  All you need to do is sit in a comfortable position with your eyes open. Start blinking for around 10-15 times, very quickly. Then close your eyes and take a few deep breaths in order to relax your entire body. Repeat this exercise for about 5 times. 
Nose Tip Gazing
Start off by sitting in a comfortable position. Keep your gaze straight and start breathing calmly and slowly. Slowly move your focus and try to fix it on the tip of your nose. Try to keep your focus until you start feeling a discomfort. When you feel the pain, remove your focus from there and relax yourself by deep breathing. Continue this process for 5-6 times but make sure that you don’t excessively strain your eyes.
Remember as you practice these yoga exercises that change doesn’t take place in a day. You need to be consistent with these exercises in order to really feel tangible results. It would be a faster process if you couple it with healthy dietary habits that are good for your eyes. A wholesome lifestyle can take you a long way!


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