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What are The Important Facts of Yoga Teacher Training

If you are skeptical about going forward with your decision to attend Yoga teacher training because you know too less about this YTT program, read this article to learn some facts and gain clarity.

The dedication to become a Yoga teacher is not so common but, the will-power and passion of some great souls are visible in the performing art of Yoga. In the era of hoax activities, one must cross-check and contemplate whether to utilize their time and energy in this program or not. Let us reveal some facts and information about Yoga teacher training in India or at any other part of the world. So, let’s dive in straight into it.

Learning a yoga course from the right place is as important as adapting to a yoga asana form with the correct technique. Before you join an YTT course, you should be completely aware of what to expect at Yoga training.

Important facts of Yoga Teacher Training
1. Training is not restricted to just teachers. Any person who feels the need and the urge towards joining this program can join since not all students come to the Yoga schools with the aim of becoming a teacher. Many are present to just experience.

2. YTT courses don’t require any prior experience for a beginner-level, 200-hour YTT or for daily classes and workshops. In the case of intermediate-level 300-hour YTT, a 200-hour YTT program certificate is required, and an advanced-level 500-hour YTT requires a combination of 200-hour and 300-hour programs.

3. Rishikesh in India is the Yoga capital which has become the hub of yogis, rishis, and sages for many generations over the years. Rishikesh offers many training of Yoga alongside the holy river- Ganges and is a tourist destination which also has the famous Beatle’s cave with number 9.

4. YTT develops lifelong habits of adapting a sattvic nature, disciplinary healthy lifestyle, and a positive attitude. The ability to even form a community of peace lovers or yogis.

5. Yoga Alliance Certification is a must-have if you are prepared to go for any Yoga Teacher Training like 200hour Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh.

6. Tiredness and quitting thoughts will erupt very frequently as the training is going to be a challenging one for the impatient souls. In a physical and mental reformative program, keeping yourself stable by turning down the pain of stretching exercises is not simple but ultimately, victorious. So, hang on until you make it through.

7. It's a myth that Yoga is more of a physical thing than a mental exercise. The YTT programs around the globe will change your perception as you will get to encounter more mental exercises including self-practice, and also the much needed skilled education of the theoretical study of Yoga.

8. You will heal yourself while facing your emotions, the practice of controlling your mind with deep-breathing exercises, and eating healthy. You will undergo the detoxifying effects, and cleansing techniques of Shat-Kriyas to purify your mind, body, and spirit. It will be hard, but definitely worth it.

9. Become a soul reader, interpreter of love and desires. You will start maintaining friendships which are based on a real connection, either to heal people or to spread internal happiness. Connect with the like-minded people who believe in the higher power or the supreme law of nature.

10. You will transform as a person by working on yourself. Get to become a more refreshed, and revitalized version of yourself by saying goodbye to your stubborn attitude. Eliminate your fears of losing yourself when you can only find yourself with this course. Find inner-strength, new perspective, love, peace, and joy by rejuvenating yourself.

Remember, you cannot have a day where you wake up in the morning and have a feeling of knowing, and learning “everything” about Yoga because Yoga is a process, not a destination. People can only experience the magic of Yoga!

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