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Cool Down with Peppermint Tea

PeppermintWe have had a heat wave here in Central Virginia and it is peak growing season, so there is little time for rest during the daylight hours. All of a sudden, everything is growing with gusto ( including the weeds ) so you have to stay on top of your garden or July is overwhelming. We took some advice from a local herb farmer, who suggests harvesting your first herb crop now.

One of the prolific herbs around many people's gardens in July is Peppermint. And thank goodness because the volatile oils in peppermint are invigorating, but the energetics of the herb are cooling. Mints are the perfect tonic in the heat of summer.

We harvest our mint and make sun tea. Take 1 part plant material to 4 parts water and steep for at least 12 hours. I like to steep it for 24 hours so the tea is infused with the energy of the moonlight as well. If your tea is too strong, water it down with, well..water! You can also use the strong tea to put in your ice trays and grab a couple of ice cubes for a special cooling drink later in the season. Enjoy!


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