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Day 11 - Gratitude

I am going to make gratitude a part of my daily ritual. Every so often I read a passage which reminds me to be thankful. Or I am listening to the news and I hear about something awful. ( Which is most of the time.) And I think about how lucky I am in so many ways. Then I give myself a hard time for being so selfish. ( Remember the Second Arrow? ) But when we start our day with gratitude instead of "What are you going to do for me today?" or "What do I have to do today?", it automatically changes the tone for the whole day. I tend to feel softer and lighter almost immediately.

Do you have a daily ritual? Each day is a chance for renewal. Ritual is part of reminding yourself about that which is essential. So each morning I come to my meditation cushion, I light a candle and some incense. And I say a prayer for the day ahead that my thoughts and actions be for the benefit of the higher good. Currently my candle sits in a bowl of water with shells and stones I have collected from my travels. So I honor the water energy. I light the candle to honor Fire and the Destructive Nature. I have a beautiful flip book of Hindu Gods given to me by my brother-in-law. I just flipped the page for the new moon from Ganesh, the Remover of Obstacles, to Durga, The Destroyer. Durga asks us to release that which no longer serves us.

To add to my morning ritual, I will list 3 reasons why I am grateful. Today I am grateful for the clean cool mountain air I am blessed to breathe. I am grateful for a partner who loves me and takes care of me. And I am grateful for improved digestion. ;)

What 3 reasons do you have to be grateful today? Try starting your morning this way with me and notice what changes in your life.


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