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Gratitude Day 13: Learning and Sharing Final Projects

For the last nine months, I have taken an herbal medicine course with Sacred Plant Traditions under the tutelage of Kathleen Maier. Herbal Medicine combines so many of interests in health, healing, botany, language and beauty. This weekend I am finishing my final project for the course and I am thankful for the opportunity to share what I have learned. First and foremost, I have been introduced to the plants ( most of which grow in my backyard ) and the energetics of the plants. I have also learned how to preserve the plants through tinctures, teas, salves, oils, honeys and vinegars. My project has been to record the lectures in video format, which allowed me to use and enhance my professional video production skills. And I have begun to formulate some herbal self care classes to teach in the spring. It has been such an honor to experience this class and I look forward to further study.

What are you passionate about learning right now?


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