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Gratitude Day 15: Family Traditions and Those Who Hustle

"Good things come to those who wait, but often as a result of those who hustle."
~ A Taste of China Fortune Cookie

We finally indulged in take-out from the infamous Chinese Restaurant popularized by an eclectic Chef and a New Yorker Article. Chang has since abandoned Charlottesville in search of another victim, but the restaurant remains. Peter IV, my husband, was feeling nostalgic about his mother's family's tradition of ordering Chinese take-out EVERY Summer Sunday night from about 1950 to 1985! Peter's maternal family is a first family of Virginia ( like they came over on one of the first boats from England. His father's Greek family has an incredible history too). Suffice it to say, these families are steeped in Tradition. One of these traditions is not only rich Southern Cooking from growing up in South Hampton County, Virginia, but a relationship with the ethnic food being introduced to the United States during the 20th century. Cooke Royster Cottage Virginia Beach

Every Sunday night all of Peter's mom, Betsy's, siblings and cousins would get together and eat Chinese Take-Out from the Golden Dragon ( love the name!) in a gorgeous cottage overlooking Virginia Beach. What a fantastic tradition! ( Sans the take out waste, of course.) My family on the other hand would have a big juicy steak ( my dad's favorite still to this day ) and Baked Potatoes with all of the fixins' (still one of my favorites to this day)!

As Peter and I start to make our own family traditions it is fun to look at what we love about our family traditions and take that with us into the next generation. Wait until I tell you how Peter's family celebrates Christmas!

What traditions are you grateful for from those who hustled before you?


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