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Gratitude Day 18: Your Stories of Peace

Last night we had dinner with our friend and musician, Alex Schein, who is currently recording in our studio. Alex uses his music to promote peace and raise awareness of international issues. He is a very uplifting individual. Inevitably, however, our dinner conversation turned toward current events and Alex introduced us to the increasingly common practice of fracking. Needless to say, we all became a little depressed. Alex, ever the orator, continued to be upbeat and encouraged us to get our stories out there. Even amidst all of the pain and suffering on the news every day, there are positive stories happening at the same time and the trick is expose those stories as well. If as Napoleon believed "History is a Fable Agreed Upon", what is the story that we want to tell our children and grandchildren?

What are the stories of peace and empowerment that you can share today?


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