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Gratitude Day 28: Decluttering

Today we shifted our life around literally and figuratively. Literally because we are moving spring and summer clothes up to the attic in favor of the warmer variety.�Â�  We did so just in time for our first heavy frost last night of 25 degrees! And I am just about to receive many boxes from my childhood which were waiting for us to create space. In some senses it feels like a grandiose task. Figuratively because this is what happens when you move things around.

According to philosophies of aesthetics like Vastu from the Indian Tradition and Feng Shui from the Chinese Tradition, your home and your environment reflect your life. Each corner of each space represents an aspect of your life. For example the flow of water represents finances and emotions. Are these areas of your life flowing correctly? Relate it to your literal plumbing. How is your plumbing, do you have leaks or clogs?

I find it fascinating because it always seems to fit for my circumstances . And you can break it down into microcosms or macrocosms. You can view your desk as a smaller manifestation or you can view your whole property as a macrocosm to what is going on inside. Most of the time I notice that I start to feel unproductive when my desk is cluttered and so I work to clear the clutter.�Â�  For the next several months, I will be caught up in the details of decluttering, but will be grateful to come out gracefully on the other side this spring.


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