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Gratitude Day 29: Best Laid Plans

My sister and I like to go on an annual retreat if we can. This year we return to We Care Holistic Health Center for a cleanse. During my first visit, I was very impressed with the whole energy of this oasis in the the Palm Springs Desert. I attribute this "vibe" in large part to the Center's founder, Susana Belen. Susana took her healing crisis into her own hands and turned it into a program to help others. Most of her philosophies are simple and many of them are typical teachings of the traditional healing methods. One philosophy, however,�Â�  struck me in particular during one of Susana's afternoon classes. She spoke of making plans and having dreams and goals. She said in her beautiful Argentinian accent that when you are having a difficult time and your thoughts turn negative, change your thoughts to think about your dream plan.

Of course, it is much easier said than done, but this can be where we all fall short. We get distracted from what we want to do and we fall off course. Or we make a mistake and so fall off the wagon all together and say to heck with it. But part of life is picking yourself up again. It is reminding yourself that you are only human. If you were perfect, you would be immortalized in the heavens. But it is important to keep track of what is important to us. This month, I will be preparing for a 7 day cleanse for the end of 2010 and will also make plans to shape 2011 for the best year of my life!


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