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Gratitude Day 6: Experience and My Inner Knees

Today I am thankful for experience because it is rare and somewhat miraculous to be in the presence of a teacher with more than 40 years experience. You always know an experienced teacher because they are not always trying to provide you with the answer. They often want to know, "What is your experience?" Last night with John Schumacher, we worked on fundamental standing poses, because it was the only class in the workshop that was open to all levels of students. But we addressed the standing poses from a completely different perspective. This is what you receive with a teacher who has taught Triangle Pose for 40 years. A truly great teacher will continue to inspect and experience that pose because she has to keep it fresh for herself AND her students.

And I am also thankful today for my inner knees because they were my most potent teachers last night. I noticed a good deal of weakness in my inner knees. They are a reminder of some work I need to continue in my practice. Today's classes on backbends and inversions are for "Experienced Students Only." Wish me luck!.

How do you define an experienced student? Are there places in your body that you have noticed through your practice that are weak? How will you experience them today?


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