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One Hundred and Eight

There is much focus around the equinoxes around 108 sun salutations. Many yoga teachers encourage this practice as a way to move through the change of seasons. This September 21-23, a large global event will take place, centered in Los Angeles, with the intention of spreading peace around the world like a mala or garland.

The number 108 is a sacred number in Buddhism and Hinduism. It is the number of the infinite. Many spiritual teachers invite you to chant a mantra 108 times with the idea that after 108 times it is ingrained in you and will have its beneficial effect. So if 108 sun salutations seems daunting, make it your intention to do 108 sun salutations over the next 3 days or over the next week. Other practices you can engage in are 108 minutes of yoga, including asana, pranayama, meditation or kriya. Chant the name of your God 108 times. Say your favorite prayer 108 times. Engage in 108 minutes of karma yoga or selfless service.

These activities are meant to connect you with the Divine. This consciousness takes our mind off of our own personal struggles and brings awareness to the global picture. The bigger picture. What is 108 minutes or 108 days out of the course of your life? You might be surprised when you take the focus off of yourself and put your intention towards something bigger, how much better you might feel. Try it!

For more information on the Global Mala Project, visit

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