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Autumn Message from Sara

Over time I am realizing that just because I am a yogini doesn't mean that I always have to look, act, or feel happy. Far from it. Rather, to be a yogini means being what is true. Not always easy in a culture where the answer to the question "How are you?" is most always followed by a perfunctory "Fine," even if you may just be having a bad day.
Being true for me, for now, means admitting that life feels pretty intense. As my teacher, ShantiMayi says, "The world is balancing on the head of a pin." The realization of this feels saddening, bewildering, enraging, and exhilarating, all at the same time. Whether it's the ups and downs of a very pertinent presidential campaign or pending economic crisis in the USA, I personally find it challenging to stay involved, inspired, and strong at the same time.
This requires real wakefulness. We must not fall asleep or into denial of challenges around us. We must not be overwhelmed by them. We must not wallow for too long in fearfulness and despair. To keep myself from going down those roads, each day I carve out time to remember what I am grateful for, to do my yoga and meditation practice, to feel my feelings (whatever they may be), and to remember the bigger picture, that it is often darkest before the light comes. And if I am feeling low, I remember to not be hard on myself for that.
Most of all, we need to work together. We need to support, uplift, and be kind to one another. We need to reach deep inside to know, for ourselves, what is true. And the world needs it now, more than ever.
With a deep bow,


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