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The Feedback Mechanism

Learn how seeking constructive criticism from more experienced teachers can improve your teaching skills.
By Sara Avant Stover
At one point several years ago, Elena Brower, Anusara Yoga teacher and owner of New York City's Vira Yoga, received letters of constructive, critical feedback from two of her teachers-both on the same day.
While this initially ignited her inner critic and bruised her selfesteem, she soon came to realize how fortunate she was to have received such wise and attentive care from her trusted mentors.
"It ultimately brought more clarity to my teaching and gave me more respect for my teachers and more trust in myself," Brower says.
Certainly, opening up to observation and evaluation can make even the most seasoned teacher a little uneasy. But when done skillfully and with the highest intentions, the benefits far outweigh the butterflies.
Why You Need It
"Any teacher dedicated to growth must continue to seek out feedback," says Dave Farmer, a certified Power Vinyasa Yoga teacher in Denver and a teaching assistant to Baron Baptiste and Seane Corn. "The journey should never end."
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