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The Joy of Sustainable Activism at the DNC and Beyond

Yoga as Usual in the Oasis
I almost forgot to brush my teeth this morning. Dishes are piling up in my sink; and for the first time in a long while, I didn't make my bed today.
Clearly, despite my best attempts to stay grounded, the DNC frenzy is having its way with me.
While this week has been electrifying, intense, and deeply inspiring, I will be happy to return to real life tomorrow. Simple acts like eating breakfast at home and sitting on my own meditation cushion (rather than the seat of the BX bus) seem like long-lost friends at this point. A lot has happened in four days.
It's Thursday, the last day of the convention. Many here at the Oasis (including myself) will head over to Invesco Field this afternoon to endure long security lines and claim a seat for Barack Obama's much-anticipated speech officially accepting the nomination as the first African-American democratic presidential candidate.
As things come to a close, the Oasis family (an interesting conglomeration of yogis, bloggers, musicians, bodyworkers, vegan chefs, raw foodies, and more) continues to serve and inspire whoever comes our way, while doing our best to take care of ourselves and one another.
For anyone who serves others, you know that importance of self-care. If you crash and burn, what good are you to anyone else?
I spent my morning chatting with the key personalities behind the Oasis (which all agree has been a HUGE success, BTW) to see how they are faring.
The Leading Ladies: Seane, Hala, Shannon, and Suzanne
Their survival secrets boil down to:
1. Joy
2. Community
3. Good Sleep & Good Food
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