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Pre-Yoga Practice Potions

Your stomach is growling as you try to hold off from eating until yoga class is over - two hours from now. If you don't eat anything before class, you might keel over mid-Sun Salutation. If you do eat something, you'll wish you hadn't the moment you spring into Handstand. What's a hungry yogi to do?
"Yoga practices traditionally should not be done after taking solid food." says Dr. Sarasvati Buhrman of the Rocky Mountain Institute of Yoga and Ayurveda in Boulder, Colorado. "Liquids, however, are permitted, including the hatha yoga recommendations of milk and ghee in the morning." Dr. Mark Hyman of Hyman Integrative Therapies in Lenox, Massachusetts, agrees. "The stomach should be empty and digestion complete to fully engage breath and allow the body to experience the benefits of yoga," he says. "An easily digestible juice or protein shake can give thebody energy without taxing digestion."
The next time you need a pre-yoga boost, fix one of these energy-packed and easy-on-the-system drinks, allowing at least 20 minutes before class to digest.
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