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Teacher Training 2006 Now in Progress

hatha yoga teacher foundation course
chiang mai, thailand
nov 20 - dec 17, 2006
This course will give you an opportunity to acquire the skills and confidence necessary to teach yoga. By the end of the 28 days you will be able to incorporate postures, breath awareness, meditation, chanting, scriptural and self-studies, safe biomechanics and an attitude of service into creative and adaptive teachings. This foundational training will emphasize deepening your personal practice, as getting to know yourself better is the source of inspiring teachings.
Our Approach
In Sanskrit, "ha" often represents the sun and "tha" (pronounced "ta") the moon. hatha yoga honors the dynamic interplay of masculine and feminine energies, both within our individual selves and between ourselves and the larger environment. When in balance, we shine and flow with present circumstances, comfortable in our own skin. For this, an adaptive and integrative practice is required; and hatha yoga offers such an approach. We honor and draw from the rich yoga traditions of Anusara, Vini, Astanga-Vinyasa, Bihar, Yin, Restorative, Iyengar, as well as the Buddhist meditative tradition, and Ayurveda - as we believe no one system, in and of itself, is complete. At hatha yoga, we believe in awakening to our full potential. We honor personal practice as a means of self-inquiry and adapt yoga to serve individual needs and pursuits. We incorporate Western scientific perspectives while honoring and preserving ancient Asian traditions. The intellect, as well as the intuitive imagination, are our guides. hatha yoga links breath with movement in dynamic and creative designs. We enjoy stillness and motion, solitude and community, innovation and tradition. We care for and study ourselves to better serve the world.


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