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Yoga in the Heart of the DNC

Greetings from Denver, where life is hot, busy, and good. The city is teeming with visitors from all over the world; and if there is anywhere that needs yoga right now, this is certainly it!
I just finished my third raw chocolate and superfoods truffle here at the Huffington Post Oasis at Denver's National Convention.
It's just after lunch on Day 2 and the Oasis is buzzing with yoga classes, live food samples, mini-facials, and massages. Things got started at 7am in The Big Tent with a Prana Vinyasa Flow class led by Shannon Paige Schneider, one of the Oasis organizers and director of Om Time yoga studios in Boulder and Denver. Due to some glitches with security, there were 12 attendees, but with word spreading of all the yoga goodness here, participation is expected to climb over the rest of the week...
When I arrived this morning, a volunteer massage therapist from Boulder swiftly treated me to a complimentary hand massage using Boulder-based Pangea Organics Cream . She had been massaging delegates and members of the press all morning.
Considering how lush and well-put-together things are here, it's hard to believe that this was all born from an idea only five weeks ago when L.A.-based yogini Seane Corn was teaching yoga privately to Arianna Huffington , Editor-in-Chief of The Huffington Post .
Interested in creating a "space where people can come in the middle of the chaos," Seane said, the two envisioned an alternative lounge in the heart of the convention chaos. They promptly called on local partners to collaborate in bringing a message of tranquility, sustainability, and spiritual activism to the DNC.
Seane, and her two Off the Mat into the World partners Hala and Suzanne, are the three gracious hostesses here.

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