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Is Yoga a Religion?

This is a question I have been getting more and more of lately, so I think I will write a bit...
Yoga is technically a science, specific formulas as how to become closer to God. It comes from a culture heavily steeped in the Hindu Religion, and so there is some overlap. However, because it is a science, I feel that Yoga can enhance any religion or belief because it is about trusting in God, surrendering to God, loving God with all your being, and seeing God in all beings. I understand how some might think Yoga a religion because of the Sanskrit chanting, or mysterious ceremony with incense, alters, bowing, and Om. However, in my experience of teaching for 20 years, I have met many Christians, Jews, Catholics, and Buddhists, who seem to find peace by enhancing their religion with yoga. They often remark how much deeper they can experience their faith because of Yoga. I think it is all the opening that happens in Yoga. Not just the body opening, but many energy meridians, stubborn thoughts, and stuck emotions open up as well, making more space, in all the layers of who we are. Once there is space, there is the recognition of God, the remembering of God, for within us all is the Divine (peace, love, harmony, forgiveness).
Yoga teaches us we are all truly one together on this planet, and loving God is the best thing we all have in common!
I hope that the next person for whom your eyes fall, is the exact image of God that you have manifested for your own spiritual growth,
love all ways,


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