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Our Indian Adventure

My wife, our two kids and I spent November and December in India. I had been once before, so this one was about exploring the mother land as a family. We went to museums in Delhi, took boat rides in Nainital, cable car and horse rides in Mussoorie, a jeep safari at Rajaji National Park, saw Agra Fort and, of course, the Taj Mahal. We also got to touch the spiritual heart of India: the Neem Karoli Baba Ashram in Kainchi, darshan with a Saint in Rishikesh, Arati at the Ganga. But the thing that we all agree touched us the most was being with the kids at Ramana's Garden School and Orphanage in Lakshman Jhula.

Ramana's Garden is home to about 60 kids between the ages of 3-17. All "Untouchables", many orphaned or abandoned. Many of these kids came from horrific backgrounds: prostitution, physical and sexual abuse, homelessness, malnutrition. And somehow these were the most responsible, caring, well-adjusted kids we had ever seen! Ever! There was very limited adult supervision, and yet these kids played together wonderfully, looked after each other. They washed their own clothes. They took turns cooking their own meals. They got up very early each morning on their own volition to study, and then studied late into the night. Every evening after supper they gathered in a small room and chanted to God, eyes shut tight, swaying back and forth unselfconsciously. And then said goodnight to each other before returning to their rooms.

All I kept thinking was: "You don't have to visit Babas. You don't have to visit temples. God is right here, before your very eyes. Wanting to sit on your lap. Playing with your kids. Teaching you that it takes so little to be happy. Food, shelter, hope, love.

Ramana's Garden
Friends of Ramana's Garden

You can view the pictures from our India trip in Michelle's Photo Gallery.


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