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Spirituality and Science Spirituality and Science is seen by many as two separate things. What we normally call Science is that which we can measure, see and prove. From that perspective, Spirit is perhaps the last thing to be found in any microscope. Both science and spirituality are the search for truth. Science searches the truth of the physical world. Spirituality searches the truth of the consciousness and its relation to the physical world. Science and Spirituality Science provides us with information, but brings about no spiritual growth or transformation But Spiritual or contemplative approach must lead to a profound personal transformation in the way we perceive ourselves and the World So they are just two different windows to look at the same reality In actual, they complement rather than oppose each other Cognition Considerable evidence indicates that the human cognitive system comprises two subsystems, One rational-scientific and the other intuitive-spiritual We need to create the balance in these two subsystem for the evolution of human awareness Intuitive and spiritual ideas can be contemplated rationally and in the end give rise to rational-scientific conclusions, which may again give rise to new intuitive ideas, so that a progressive development of knowledge occurs Rational-Scientific cognition Psychology /\ Biology /\ Chemistry /\ Physics Intuitive-spiritual cognition Consciousness \/ Mind \/ Body \/ Surroundings
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