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Yoga is an amazing way to inculcate calmness, composure and happiness in life. Through this article learn about the 4 yoga poses that changed my life to a big extent.

Life isn’t a bed of roses where you can lie down all day and the good things just come to you. You have to fight it to win it and often at times, life becomes so harsh, that you almost feel like giving up.
To cope with life and its struggles, people around the world are embracing yoga, the ancient science, and so did I. I had a troubled childhood, since my mom passed away when I was only 5 and my father was an alcoholic. Though he took care of the basic necessities but, I was devoid of love and affection. I was bullied at school and there was no one with whom I could find solace. Things slowly started to worsen and by the time I was at college, I was into severe depression. There was this girl named Rachel in my class who was the only person I talked to. While chatting with her one day, she told me something about ...

posted: 3 years 6 months ago
posted: 6/19/19
Yoga is an age-old practice that was devised by ancient yogis in India. These yogis wanted to find a way to reach the depths of human existence that was beyond the forms of personality, behavior and notions of spirituality. By the alignment of the physical body and the mind, through the process of breath control they realized that they could reach this depth in as a human. In today’s date yoga has travelled from India and into the wide world that has truly witnessed the benefits if this wholesome practice. The numbers that are joining the World Yoga Association tells us of the same....
posted: 5/24/19
Summary: Yoga is not about physical training, the holistic art is the manifestation of a positive body and mind. Yoga is an ancient practice and incorporating it into daily life bestows physical and mental benefits. Read to learn what all. “Yoga is a light, which once lit, will never dim. The better your practice, the brighter the flame.” - B.K.S. Iyengar A daily hectic schedule is putting your health at stake? With yoga face the daily challenges with utmost ease without stressing it out. Yoga, the buzzing fitness trend is not merely a physical training; the ancient science of...
posted: 5/13/19
Summary: Indulge in Self-Love and Care to nurture your mind, body, and spirit by involving yourself in the euphoric Yoga Retreat sessions. This article will take you through the enchanting top 5 reasons why you should go to Yoga Retreats in Thailand. “Don’t break your spine, break your time.” A dedicated seeker is one who is constantly looking for his true purpose in life. Yoga vacations in Thailand bring an aesthetic collection of authentic Ayurveda retreats which will let you uncover the hidden pleasures of life. If you let the ailments distract you from your calling,...

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