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Top 4 Yoga Poses That Changed My Life

Yoga is an amazing way to inculcate calmness, composure and happiness in life. Through this article learn about the 4 yoga poses that changed my life to a big extent.

Life isn’t a bed of roses where you can lie down all day and the good things just come to you. You have to fight it to win it and often at times, life becomes so harsh, that you almost feel like giving up.
To cope with life and its struggles, people around the world are embracing yoga, the ancient science, and so did I. I had a troubled childhood, since my mom passed away when I was only 5 and my father was an alcoholic. Though he took care of the basic necessities but, I was devoid of love and affection. I was bullied at school and there was no one with whom I could find solace. Things slowly started to worsen and by the time I was at college, I was into severe depression. There was this girl named Rachel in my class who was the only person I talked to. While chatting with her one day, she told me something about yoga teacher training in Thailand , a program which she was part of a few months ago. She said that she benefitted a lot from it, both physically and mentally. Then and there, I decided, this is it. Yoga would be my rescuer. I didn’t have the resources to pursue a course, so I started on my own.
It’s been years now and I am a totally changed person. I am married, have two lovely kids, a loving husband and a happy life. The credit for that surely goes to yoga. Here I would like to discuss the four asanas which has helped me till date:
1. Sukhasana - This asana provided me with purity and calmness of mind.
• Sit on the floor with your crossed legs.
• Your back should be straight.
• Don't try to sit in a congested way.
• Relax in that position. There should be some space between your feet and pelvis.
• Now keep your palms on your lap.
• Be in the position for at least 5 minutes and release.
2. Savasana -

It was recommended to me by friends and family to try this asana and practice daily. Considering their advice I used to perform Savasana. It is this way:

• Lie down on a mat flat and comfortable. 
• Both the arms should be positioned at either side of the body.
• Your eyes should be closed.
• Take a deep breath through your nostrils.
• Focus your brain.
• While exhaling, try to feel completely relaxed.
Savasana is done in a manner that makes us feel very relaxed. It is not at all difficult to do this. We never realize that we are lying stress-free while sleeping. The aim of savasana is to release stress from our body.
3. Chakravakasana
• Kneel down, bend forward and give an arc shape to your back.
• Inhale while making an arc.
• Start going back to the position from where you had started making an arc.
• In the process, start exhaling.
• Maintain the pose for as long as possible and gently release.
It helps in keeping your body firm and maintain breath and circulation of blood.
4. Balasana
• Kneel down and sit on your heels.
• Lean forward with your hands straight in the front position.
• Reduce the gap between your legs.
• Your head should be on the floor.
• Rest your body in that position for as long as 30 seconds.

These are only a handful poses but no doubt, they have helped me immensely. The good part is that I have also been a part of a yoga teacher training in Koh Phangan recently and learned a lot about this sacred science of life. Life has changed drastically over the years for me after I took up and I recommend the same to everybody.


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