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Best Fat Burning Yoga Workout for Easy Weight Loss

Summary – Yoga is one of the best ways to tackle the issue of weight gain. Regular practice along with a balanced vegetarian diet can do wonders. Read on to learn more. 
The oldest and the effective way to lose weight is through Yoga. The tradition of yoga is being practiced since several years. There are several yoga exercises that not only help to strengthen, relax, and tone your muscles but also help in losing weight. If the correct and efficient moves are put together, one can easily lose weight at home.
One should also keep in mind the several causes that lead to weight gain like stress, depression, lack of sleep and to avoid all these problems you must practice yoga on a daily basis. The most common and important factor that helps in gaining weight is eating an unbalanced diet, medications and digestive disorder. You should get rid of those processed foods and drinks that have no nutritional value. In order to maintain a good health, you must intake foods which are high in nutrition and low in calories. Different sort of medications also result in weight gain because of their horrifying side effects, so one should always be careful before getting on medications.
On the other side, yoga heals your body in every way possible. There are limitless benefits to yoga both mental and physical, which helps in improving mood, increases immunity, boosts general well being and side by side it helps in flexibility, strengthening your muscles, helps in gaining stamina, self healing and balancing.
To learn how to perform perfect yoga postures under the supervision of an experienced yoga teacher, one can be part of a Yoga Retreat in Nepal. Yoga Courses in Nepal specializes in the authentic teachings of the ancient science under the guidance of traditional eastern gurus. A Yoga Retreat in Nepal is the best place that welcomes anyone seeking peace, healthy food, yoga training and lifelong friendships. It is not a vacation hot-spot or an entertainment centre, rather a place to calm the senses and to rejuvenate the soul. One can find simple and wholesome organic food, mantra chanting and guided meditation at a yoga retreat that helps fight depression, stress, digestive disorder and more.
So, here are some yoga poses to practice on a daily basis for easy weight loss.
Best Weight Loss Yoga Workouts:
1. Plank Pose: It is a beginner's best friend with tons of benefit. Khumbhakasana is a Sanskrit word where "Kumbhak" means "breath retention" and "asana", which means "pose". It helps in focusing on all the major abdominal muscles while strengthening your arms, glute, neck, chest, and back muscles. It has many benefits for your body and all you need is to practice it correctly, although it may not be easy but helps in weight loss. You should hold it as long as you can, slowly and steadily you will find major improvement in your stamina.
2. Cat Pose: A yogi is said to be a keen observer and they learn most of the things from their surroundings like this cat pose. The sanskrit name to it is Marjariasana, "Marjari", which means "cat" and "asana", which means "pose". It helps in so many different factors, it helps to bring flexibility to the spine, it improves digestion and blood circulation, and it also strengthens the wrists and shoulder and helps in relaxing the mind. People with any kind of head and knee injury should avoid practicing it. If you want to practice this posture under a great supervision than you should look up to the Yoga Retreat in Nepal where you will be gaining knowledge under some great experienced yogis.
3. Boat Pose: The Sanskrit word is Paripurna Navasana. It is known as the stress reliever exercise - as you stretch and lift your body, all the toxins of your body starts to clean. This posture might look difficult but once you will practice it properly, you will find many changes in your body. It helps in flexibility and works on the belly fat, waist, thighs, lower limbs and calf muscles. This posture in not to be practiced during pregnancy and also people with spine and neck injury should avoid this posture.
4. Upward Plank Pose: Purvottanasana is a sanskrit word where "Purva" means "east", "Ut" means "intense" and "Tan" means "stretch". It is the reverse of a simple plank pose and a little bit hard to practice but once you start; it will show its effects on various body parts. The main focus of this posture is on the arms, back and glute. This posture helps in strengthening your arms, wrist, shoulder, and legs. While practicing this posture one must be careful with their wrists.
Yoga for weight loss is sometimes an underestimated type of training but if you try any of these exercises above, you will definitely see the results. Practice yoga daily with wholesome organic diet and see how it affects your health and burns those excess fats. Maintaining your weight is supreme in sustaining good physical and mental health.


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