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The Different Places Where You Can Go For Yoga Teacher Training Classes

Summary: Explore the vibrant culture and colorful tradition of Nepal during the soulful yogic escapade. Explore the article to know the different places in Nepal best for yoga retreats and teacher training.

Every town and every city here has a story to tell through its beautifully carved wall of ancient palaces, dilapidated monuments, and nature. Nepal is an ancient land that is mesmeric, calming and beautiful in its own way. The country entices many travelers from across the globe, as it holds some of the highest peaks of the world including Mount Everest.  The country is popular for its serenity, spiritual getaways, and most importantly for the yoga teacher training classes.

Nepal is a land with yogic legacy and since ages it has been providing the best yogic learning to the aspirants. Home to a lot of traditional yoga gurus and erudite, Nepal is nothing but incredible.
So, here we listed down some of the best and different places of the country to travel for yoga teacher training in Nepal.

The colorful vibrant capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu is a hugely popular tourist destination that boasts of serenity and mesmeric sights alluring travelers from faraway lands. The place is one of the biggest and royal cities of the country and famous for its Durbar Square and Regal Palaces. The other iconic feature of the city that entices tourists is its yogic legacy. Kathmandu is one of the best places for yoga teacher training in Nepal and makes you feel rejuvenated after you spend a few amazingly wonderful days here.

Mustang is widely popular as a mystique valley and the last forbidden kingdom of Nepal. Famous for its trekking trail at Upper Mustang, the place is also known as Mini Tibet of Nepal. Here you can see Tibetan cultural influence in their food, traditions, and lifestyle. This beautiful place set the perfect ambiance for meditation retreat and yoga teacher training. Mustang offers you an invaluable opportunity to explore the thousand-year-old monastery, caves and spend time with the locals learning more about the culture broadening the learning gateways.

Bhaktapur is another royal city, which was labeled as the best-preserved city-state in Nepal before it was badly damaged by the 2015 earthquake. One of the three biggest cities in Nepal, Bhaktapur is known for its bustling Durbar Square, ancient Temples, religious monuments, peaceful ambiance, and incredible artifacts. Travel here for amazing and traditional learning of the ancient science during the incredible program of yoga teacher training in Nepal.

Hugely famous for being the birthland of Gautama Buddha, Lumbini is one of the most historically important towns in Nepal and is one renowned Buddhist pilgrimage site. A spiritually intensive place, when in Lumbini for yoga teacher training or spirituality retreat you can visit its peaceful monasteries to spend a relaxing time. Lumbini is perfect for a soulful escape where one can spend days and weeks basking in the peaceful vibes of the town.

The most famous yogic land with a legacy, Pokhara is one of the few towns where you can witness untarnished beauty of nature. Nestled on the shorelines of the mesmeric Lake Phewa, Pokhara lets you witness the serene ranges of Annapurna. High on spirituality, Pokhara is embedding with scenic views and serenity that makes a perfect setting for yoga and meditation practice. Travel to this beatific town of Lakes and Caves Pokhara for authentic and traditional learning of yoga teacher training and Yoga retreat in Nepal.

Patan (Lalitpur)
Patan is one of the three royal cities of Nepal along with Kathmandu and Bhaktapur. It was once an independent city-state but now is a suburb of Kathmandu. Popular for its Durbar Square, palaces and extraordinary temples line the streets. The divine aura of the town makes it apt for a yoga retreat and teacher training. When here, ensure to stop by its Fair Trade shops to buy some of the great collection of hand-crafted goods. Amazing place to stroll during day-time, Patan is quiet at night.

Nepal is a land with beauty in abundance, and there is no place in here that don’t depict the same. Every place here is mesmeric, and when it comes to Ilam, it has its own kind of magic crediting being Nepal’s tea district. Ideal for the yoga and tea lovers, Ilam remains cool and moist most of the year making it apt for tea plantation. The tea garden makes the place even more beautiful and significant for the transformative program of yoga teacher training in Nepal. Come here between April to November to hike, taste the best tea, for birdwatching and of course, yoga.
Mark Nepal in your yoga travels wish list and start your voyage towards inner-discovery.


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