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How To Merge Your Love For Travel And The Joys Of Yoga?

In recent times, traveling has become a de-stressing therapy for many, including yogis. But unknowingly, people often exert the body in order to destress the mind. Yoga practitioners have found a solution to this problem which is incorporating yoga and travel.
Merging the two helps you transmit the energy in the mind and body, strengthen you for the challenges, etc. Moreover, practicing yoga while traveling yields physical as well as mental benefits such as:
• Reinforces the lung capacity and breathing rate
• Develops strength and balance
• Accompany mindfulness
• Helps you prioritize self
• Connects you with nature and surroundings etc.
For the same reason, a yoga retreat in Nepal, India, Thailand, etc. have gained credibility among the masses. It might be difficult to fetch an hour’s time to practice yoga; hence, a 15-20 minute yoga sequence would be perfect. It is so convenient that one can practice without skipping it.
Here are some of the yoga poses to practice while traveling:
1. Dirga Pranayama (Three Part Breathing):

                                                                                                 This breathing technique helps you destress the mind as well as tension in the body. It elevates blood circulation and transports oxygenated blood to the entire body including the brain. A good amount of oxygen calms the brain and brings alertness to the body. This stress buster technique helps you refresh the mood especially from a tired and long journey.
2. Bananasana (Banana Pose):

T                                                                                        ravelling especially, for long hours brings muscular tension. To avoid the same, practice bananasana. This yin yoga pose helps you stretch the entire side of the body. It gives a good stretch to the spine and iliotibial band at the tops of the side rib cage and relieves muscular tension. Besides, including arms in the pose relaxes the shoulders. Practicing this pose stimulates the gall bladder, heart, and the lungs. To learn more about such beneficial yin yoga poses enroll for
3. ArdhaChakrasana (Half Moon Pose):                                                                                                                                              If you have planned a trek or a hike; practicing this hatha yoga pose will strengthen your buttocks, thighs, abdomen, and spine. The stretch in the hamstrings, calves, groin, chest, and shoulders relieves the body from stress. Practicing this asana while traveling improves your sense of coordination as well as balance. In fact, if you have been eating unhealthy during the trip; this pose can help improve the digestion as well.
4. ParsvaBalasana (Thread the Needle Pose):


Getting involved in intense physical activities exerts the body; hence, one must rest as well. Practicing this pose will calm and tranquilize the body. It opens up the shoulders while compressing the chest and calms the entire body. It focuses on breathing pattern and aligns the same with the pose.  The stretch in this pose removes harmful toxins from the body by increasing blood circulation. Moreover, regular practice of this pose develops wisdom.
5. ViparitaKarani (Inverted Lake Pose):

Practicing this pose not only benefits the spine, torso, cramped feet, and legs but also the nervous system. This pose reverses the acts and accomplishments of the day and brings the brain into a state of meditation. It brings awareness and channelizes energy in the body. Moreover, it has therapeutic effects on anxiety, headaches, insomnia, digestive problems, migraine, varicose veins, premenstrual syndrome, menopause, etc.
If you are a frequent traveler but haven’t got a chance to practice yoga; well, now you can. These easy yoga asanas will help you experience the holistic benefits of yoga. In fact, they may convince you to deepen yoga practice through yoga teacher training in Nepal.


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