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Insight into the benefits of hatha yoga

If you wish to enrol for hatha yoga but unaware of its myriad of benefits; the following article has an insight into the benefits of hatha yoga.
Hatha yoga is one of the ancient forms of yoga available to us which makes it one of the most popular forms of yoga. This ancient form was designed specifically to focus on the cleansing, purification, and alignment of the body.

Practicing hatha yoga balances the solar and lunar energy present within the body. It cleanses the body internally and brings intimacy between the mind, body, and soul. Moreover, it also acts as a pathway for higher consciousness and wisdom. Hence, it can be concluded that hatha yoga not only restructures your body mechanics but also amplifies mental health.
If you choose yoga certification in Nepal, you will be acquainted with the core traditional and authentic hatha yoga. Those who haven’t included hatha yoga in practice schedule are obviously unaware of its overall benefits. The following article has an insight into the benefits of hatha yoga that may convince you to add the ancient form in your routine:

• Strengthens the core muscles
This ancient form of yoga is a combination of hot and cold yoga asanas and poses that help in strengthening the core muscles. Practicing the right poses and asanas increases flexibility, keeps the body active during physical involvement. Also, it prevents the midsection of the body from injuries.

• Makes the joints mobile
Inactivity in the body limits the working capacity of the joints leading to swelling or pain during physical workout. However, practicing hatha yoga makes the joints mobile. The poses and asanas work on the joints from multiple directions allowing motion in them. Hence, it lubricates the joints and prevents issues of joint pain.

• Increases bone mass
Poor bone density may lead to fractures, injuries and even diseases like osteoporosis and arthritis in older people etc. Hatha yoga is inclusive of such poses and asanas that improve bone mass. It makes the bones stronger with the help of the natural weight of the body.

• Enhances posture
Bad postures may lead to injuries, backache, issues in the spine etc. Balancing postures in hatha yoga stretches your back muscles and even the spine. It corrects any deformities and brings balances to the back and spine. Besides, with regular practice of hatha yoga, it is easier to enhance the posture of the body.

• Improves heart health
As the heart is one of the key body parts of your body; the improper functioning may lead to heart diseases. Practicing hatha yoga increases the heart rate which allows the heart to pump blood more effectively to the whole body. This increases the circulation of blood in the heart and improves the health of the heart.

• Purifies the body
Since the aim of this ancient form is purifying the body internally; practicing hatha yoga purifies the body internally for the proper functioning of the nadis and blocked channels. This stimulates Kundalini located at the base of the spine and allows its joining with the crown chakra. This adjoining of the crown chakra and Kundalini accords enlightenment and purification of body.

• Brings consciousness and wisdom
Hatha yoga affects physical as well as mental health. Practicing hatha yoga on a regular basis brings consciousness and wisdom. It gives you the power to control your desires and emotions and brings discipline to your life. Moreover, it brings wisdom that makes you an observer and doesn’t let you react to the situation abruptly. As a result, it brings inner peace and stability to your thoughts.
Hence, indulging in hatha yoga practice is effective for overall health. Anybody can indulge in this ancient practice irrespective of age. If you wish to learn hatha yoga professionally; you may enrol for yoga certification in Nepal. They offer courses on the basis of experience on yoga like the 200 hour yoga teacher training in Nepal designed for amateurs. Yoga practitioners or experienced ones may enrol for 300 hour or 500 hour yoga teacher training in Nepal.


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