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The Questions To Ask During Yoga Teacher Training

Summary: Asking questions during your yoga teacher training is an important aspect. Try to ask questions to your teacher that you may find difficult to get answers to during your yoga sessions. The following article will help you prepare a list of your questions.
We often discuss things such as why to do yoga teacher training, how to do it and from where you can do it, etc. But we ignore another important aspect i.e. the questions you need to ask during yoga teacher training. These questions may have a variety of answers from different teacher’s perspective but they will help you in understanding the spirituality, yogic lineage, and wisdom of your yoga instructor. If you have ever been to yoga teacher training in Nepal, it may be easier for you to grasp what we are about to discuss.
These questions will help you understand the philosophy of yoga and how to acknowledge the questions of students when you will be taking yoga sessions. Here is a list of questions that were asked during a yoga teacher training in Nepal which actually helped the students to improve their practice:
• How did you get connected with yoga?
Through this question, you will get to how yoga has been influencing people from across the world. Also, it will help you attain the sense of yoga and will keep you motivated either to be a teacher or to be faithful to your practice of yoga.
• Why should people indulge in yoga?
This common question is quite simple but may be difficult to put to words. Hence, it is important that you start asking questions that you may find hard to answer during your sessions. This will help you broaden the perspective about yoga and its benefits and how yoga can help people physically, mentally, physiologically and even spirituality.
• What is your favorite pose?
Every teacher has its own style, strength, and specialization. A favorite pose is the one that generally makes you feel relaxed, calm, flexible and even confident about yourself. Hence, a favorite pose may vary from teacher to teacher. There can be a possibility that your favorite pose may be someone’s weakness.
• What are the common mistakes people make while practicing yoga?
Since your teacher is experienced and has already taught a lot of yogis, it is easy for him/her to highlight the common mistakes yogis do while practicing yoga. It is impossible to achieve perfection in almost every pose or asana but what is important is that how you overcome those mistakes. A few tips and tricks will add much more beneficial to your teaching.
• What is the best pose for arthritis?
Well, it isn’t necessary you need to ask your teacher about arthritis. You may also ask any other question that you think is quite common or something that you are going through such as back pain, stamina, the strength of the arms or legs, or may be to treat a disease or illness.
• How is yoga different from other workouts such as Zumba, aerobics or running?
Everybody knows about the benefits of yoga but very few people know about the diversity in yoga. Since you are going to be a yoga teacher you must learn about the various styles of yoga. This will help you in preaching yoga to those who are willing to preach.
• What are the qualities of a great yoga teacher?
This is one of the most important questions you must ask during yoga teacher training. This will allow your yoga teacher to explain to you the qualities you need to imbibe in order to be a great yoga teacher. He/she may share experiences of his/her own teachers, fellow teachers or may be he/she incorporates or wish to incorporate in their sessions.
• How does it feel to teach in front of strangers every day?
Teaching in front of a stranger may sound awkward in the beginning when you will start your yoga sessions. But then, it is equally important how you handle them. When you listen to your teacher, try to find out different ways to break the ice in yoga sessions, learn how to enjoy your yoga sessions. These will eventually make your session interesting even for the first timers.
The questions are just an example of what you may ask during your yoga teacher training. If you only plan on going to a yoga retreat in Nepal, Rishikesh, Thailand, Spain or anywhere you may still ask these questions. Moreover, you may add a few to the list as per your choice.


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