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A more flowing class for experienced beginners and beyond

This video download is the sixth in a series of twelve Anusara yoga classes presented by the Garden of the Heart yoga studio. It is instructed one-on-one by Jaye Martin, who practices alone in a small studio. As with the previous sessions (which are not a necessary prerequisite to this one), Martin sets a theme at the start of the practice. Here the theme is connecting to nature, and Martin returns to this theme throughout the class, often encouraging the viewer to connect one’s practice of an individual posture to a particular experience in nature.Although this entire series is intended for beginning yoga students, Martin clearly expects the audience for this practice to have at least some experience, as he moves more quickly through the postures, spending less time setting up the poses and cueing in both Sanskrit and English. The opening pose sequence is similar to previous sessions in this series, with Martin moving through down dog variations but also adding in a side plank prep. He performs four rounds of sun salutations, gradually speeding up these flows. Martin then begins a long standing series which includes tree, side angle, warrior two, wide leg forward bend, intense side stretch, and triangle pose, all of which are preparatory work for the pinnacle posture of this practice, half moon pose. (Note: Martin mirror-cues all of the standing poses.)Following the standing work, Martin slows down the pace with a resting down dog, child’s pose, and a kneeling twist. The practice concludes with an approximately 4-minute savasana; although it is labeled a “Guided Relaxation” on screen, it is actually mostly silent while peaceful music plays in the background. Martin does cue the end of the rest segment to finish the practice in a seated position with a final “ohm.” At approximately 54 minutes, this session offers experienced beginners the opportunity to take a more flowing class while continuing to learn new and more challenging postures.
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