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A nice basic Kundalini yoga routine with a particular focus on the spine, upper back, and shoulders

Kundalini yoga instructor Donna Davidge Amrita begins this video in relaxation pose, where she provides basic instruction on use of the “sat nam” mantra, diaphragmatic breathing, and breath of fire. She then comes to seated for a brief live introduction which includes the traditional Kundalini opening chant of “ong namo guru dev namo” and spinal rolls. For the remainder of the practice, Amrita is teaching via voiceover in various outdoor settings.Amrita first warms the body with a few traditional sun salutations; she performs two modified and then a third round with jump backs and the full versions of the poses. Returning to lying on the back, she explains that she will be moving through a yoga set consisting of 14 steps to awaken the ten bodies. The first postures in this set are stretch pose, tuck pose, and Kundalini eagle pose, all performed while doing the breath of fire. The moves which follow focus more on the spine and include a wide legged stretch, spinal flexes (2 positions), spinal twists, elbow raises, arm raises, single and double shoulder rolls, and head turns (to work the throat). The final posture is frog pose, and then the set concludes with a brief relaxation.At this point (approximately 20 minutes left), Amrita states that many people hold tension in either the hips/groin or the chest/shoulders, and so she introduces one posture for each of these areas: crow squat, which she performs at a moderate pace, and cow-face arms, which she holds for a bit of time on each side. Amrita then does tree pose for balance and a version of rabbit’s pose to finish. She cues 3 minutes of left nostril breathing and allows approximately 3 minutes for relaxation, although this is not the final posture. Instead, Amrita finishes with a reclined twist and then shakes out the body in both lying and seated positions. She concludes the 65-minute practice by singing the “Long Time Sun” song and chanting a final sat nam.In the Awakening, Donna Davidge Amrita offers a nice Kundalini yoga set which targets the entire body but which is particularly effective for working on the spine and upper back/shoulders. It would be an ideal routine for those with some basic yoga experience who were interested in trying the Kundalini method.
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