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Model: Sara Agelasto Credit: Peter Agelasto
Stand in Tadasana. Inhale the fingertips up to the chest and step or jump your hands and feet wide apart. The feet are parallel to the outer edges of the mat. Toes pointing forward. Knees are lifted. Thighs are back. Torso, spine and chest are lifted. Arms are extended at shoulder left. Shoulderblades down and into the back. Palms down. Fingers extended. Look straight ahead. Inhale and exhale and jump or step the feet back together.
Model: Martin Hunke, Inner Heat Yoga
From Supta Tadasana1. Start in Supta Tadasana, palms down, with 3 four-fold blankets on top of open blanket on your sticky mat.2. Draw the knees into the chest and take the knees over the head.3. Extend the legs onto the floor or onto a chair, block or bolster support. 4. Place the palms of your hands on either side of your spine with the fingers pointing up towards your tailbone. 5. Extend the arms overhead. Exhale and come down.From Salamba Sarvangasana1. Keep palms pressing into the back and the legs straight, Lower the legs until the toes reach the ground. Take your chest and hips slightly back to do this. 
Model: Kate Hallahan Zuckerman
Geometry: In this prone back bending pose, the torso is lifted and supported by the arms. The pelvis and legs remain on the ground. The legs are stretched straight back. 
Credit:  Scuola Yoga Camerino
Watch a beautiful demonstration of Vajrasana, Parvatasana in Vajrasana, Adho Mukha Virasana and Adho Mukha Svanasana with Senior Iyengar Teacher Patricia Walden.
Geometry: Lying on the abdomen, the head, chest, arms and legs are extended and lifted from the ground. In the beginning the feet are separated. As one progresses the feet move together.
Model: Sara Agelasto Credit: Peter Agelasto
Stand in Tadasana.Inhale the arms over head. Palms face one another. Turn the outer arms in.Release the shoulders down the back.Exhale and Lower the arms back to Tadasana.
Model: Kate Hallahan Zuckerman Credit: Ellie WIlliams, Cville
Bharadvaja was the father of Drona, the military preceptor of the Kauravas and Pandavas, who fought the great war described in the Mahabharata.  1. Sit in Dandasana. 2. Bend the knees and take the shins to the right, the feet are adjacent to the hip. Do not sit on the feet. Right foot is on top of the left arch.  3. The pelvis is level. Place a blanket under the left hip if necessary to level the pelvis.
Model: Sara Agelasto Credit: Peter Agelasto
Sit in Dandasana. Lie down on your back with your legs stretched straight, arms by the sides, palms face the ground.Bend both the legs. Bring the heels towards the buttocks. Flex the legs at the hips. Bring the thighs towards the abdomen.Exhale. Raise the legs to be perpendicular to the floor. Straighten the legs. Keep the hips and sacrum on the ground.Exhale. Bend the legs. Bring the thighs toward the abdomen. Lower the feet and legs to the floor. 
Model: Sara Agelasto Credit: Peter Agelasto
With the back on the floor, the back of the head, neck and shoulders remain on the floor. The pelvis is lifted and supported on a block. The Legs are extended.1. Lie on the floor, knees bent, toes pointing towards the wall. 2. Keep the head, neck and shoulders on the floor, press the feet on the floor and raise the hips/buttocks off the floor.3. Place a block vertically under the sacrum towards the tailbone.4. Straighten the legs, one at a time, the center of the back of the heels  on the floor.5. Externally rotate the arms and open the chest.6. Extend the arms along the floor towards the feet.
Chatush Padasana by Old Moon Yoga
The back of the head, neck, shoulders and upper arms are on the floor. The torso and hips are lifted, supported by the hands. The feet are parallel and in line with the sit bones or hips.1. Lie on the floor.2. Place the heels in line with the sit bones or slightly wider. Feet are parallel.3. Take the shoulder blades down and into the back. 4. Press into the feet to lift the hips and pelvis off the floor. 5. Keep the back of the head, neck and shoulders on the floor and support the hips with the hands. Watch A Video on Chatush Padasana produced by Yoga Journal's LiveMag.
Model: Noriko Credit: Michelle Haymoz
The Sage Marichi is the son of the Creator, Brahma and the grandfather of the Sun God, Surya.1. Sit in Dandasana.  Bend the left knee and place the sole and heel of the foot flat on the floor. The calf should touch the thigh.2. Place the left heel near the perineum, the inner side of the left foot touches the inside of the outstretched thigh. (Place the heel in front of the sit bone, if possible, or slightly to the side.) Press the heel down to draw the sacrum in and lift the chest. 
Trianga Mukhaikapada Pascimottanasana from Monkey Yoga Shala
In this pose the three limbs are the feet, knees, and buttocks. Mukhaikapada - Mukha -Face Eka - One Pada - Leg or Foot corresponds to the face touching the one straight leg. Pascimottanasana is extended stretch to the west pose.  1. Sit in Dandasana 2. Bend the right knee and place the right foot by the side of the right hip joint in ardha virasana. Keep the toes pointing back.
Parvatasana in Svastikasana by Iyengar Teacher Training Yoga Del Sur
1. Sit in Dandasana 2. Bend the right knee and take the right foot under the left thigh. 3. Bend the left knee and bring the left foot under the right thigh. 4. The shinbones cross over in line with the center of the body. Each foot is placed under the opposite thigh. 5. Sit upright, Trunk Lifted, Chest Lifted, Head Straight Parvatasana 1. Interlock the fingers, rotate the palms out, extend the arms and raise the arms above the head, upper arms in line with the ears. 2. Stretch the arms towards the ceiling.
Virasana Credit: Iyengar Teacher Training Yoga Del Sur
1. Kneel on the floor keeping the knees together, but keeping the feet wider than hip width apart. 2. Rest the buttocks on the floor but not the body on the feet. 3. The inner side of each calf against the outer side of each thigh. 4. Keep the toes pointing back and extended on the floor. 5. Extend the palms on the soles of the feet. 6. Gaze forward.
Myra Dionisio in Siddhasana
A Siddha is one who has acquired supernatural powers through penance.  1. Sit in Dandasana. Bend the left leg, hold the left heel and place it near the perineum. The sole of the left foot placed on the right thigh.  2. Bend the right leg and place the right foot on the left ankle; the heel of the right foot should be placed near the pubic bone.  3. Lift the lower abdomen so it does not press on the heel. 4. Stretch both arms. Place the backs of the wrists on the knees. Keep the palms open. Breathe evenly.
1. Place a blanket on the floor. Sit upright on the blanket, with the legs stretched straight out in front of you. 2. Thighs together. Feet together. Toes pointing straight towards the ceiling. 3. Sit evenly on the sit bones. Distribute the weight evenly across both buttocks. 4. Press the back of the knees to the floor. 5. Place the hands by the side of the hips with the arms straight. Roll the shoulder bones back. 6. Lift the spine, abdomen and trunk. Lift the sternum.  7. Neck and Head are straight. Gaze at eye level.
Utkatasana from Dharma Yoga and Ayurveda
1. Stand in Tadasana. Stretch the arms straight overhead and join the palms. 2. Exhale bend the knees and lower the trunk until the thighs are parallel to the floor. 3. Keep the chest lifted. 4. Inhale straighten the legs.  Exhale Lower the arms back to Tadasana.
Model: Dawn F. Cala Nova, Ibiza, Spain
Geometry: Inverted V. Hands parallel and shoulder width apart. Feet parallel and in line with hands. Arms and Legs are Stretched Straight. With Support:
Hands at Wall
Heels at Wall
Head on Block 1. Lie prone on your yoga mat; on the stomach, face downwards. The feet should be one foot apart.  2. Rest the palms by the sides of the chest, the fingers point straight ahead towards the head.  3. Exhale and raise the trunk from the floor. Straighten the arms, move the head  towards the feet and place the crown of the head on the floor or a block.
Cora Wen in Uttanasana
Geometry: Feet Together. Ankles, Knees and Hips in Line. Chest extended over the legs.
Concave Back: Feet and legs are together as in Tadasana My hips line up over my heels. My Arms are stretched straight. My chest is lifted so my spine is concave.
Classic Asana: Feet and legs are together as in Tadasana. My hips line up over my heels. My torso extends forward over my legs. Hands by the sides of the feet.
1. Stand in Tadasana. Create a wide base with your feet together. Inhale lengthen the front body and place the hands on the hips.
Padahastasana by Portrait Yogi
This pose is practiced by standing on one's hands. 
Stand in Tadasana. Bring the feet to hip distance apart.
Inhale hands to hips. Lift the chest.
Exhale, bend forward and grasp your big toes with your forefinger and thumb or use a strap. Inhale and draw the shoulder blades into the back and abdomen towards the spine.
Draw the kneecaps up and move the thighbones back.
Exhale and extend the spine downward continuing to draw the shoulder blades down the back. Elbows move toward the sides and up.
Inhale lift the chest back to concave. Exhale Hands to hips. Inhale bring the torso back up. Exhale the feet back together into Tadasana.
Parighasana, Adhara Yoga
Kneel on the floor with the ankles together. Stretch the right leg sideways and turn the right foot out 90 degrees, extending the sole of the foot to the floor.  Inhale extend the arms out to the side at chest height.  Exhale extend the right arm, palm up to the right shin and extend the left arm over the ear.  Inhale and draw the torso and arms back to center.  Exhale bring the knee back underneath the hip and repeat on the other side.
Prasarita Padottanasana D
Geometry: In this pose, the Feet are Spread Wide Apart. The Legs and Spine are Intensely Stretched.
Model: Netta in Parsvottanasana for 2nd Trimester Pregnancy
From Tadasana, Inhale and step or jump into Utthita Hasta Padasana. Turn the whole body towards the right leg. Exhale hands to hips.Inhale lift the chest up.Exhale place the hands on the floor or on blocks. Keep the spine concave. The inner shoulderblades move into the spine. The legs and arms are straight. The pelvis is parallel with the floor and the center of the chest is in line with the center of the thigh.Take a few deep breaths here drawing up on the front thighs. Extend through the outer edge of the back foot.
Bobby Clennell in Ardha Chandrasana at Studio Bamboo Institute of Yoga 2010
1. Stand in Tadasana. Inhale step or hop the feet wide apart into Utthita Hasta Padasana, turn the entire right legt out and back foot in to Parsva Hasta Padasana, Exhale. Extend the trunk out over the right leg into Utthita Trikonasana. 2. Inhale. Exhale. Bend the right knee and place the right palm a foot forward of the right foot.3. Inhale. Bring the left foot nearer to the right one. 4. Exhale and raise the left leg from the floor, straightening the right leg.


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