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Geometry: The back of the body is rounded like a canoe, The hands are interlaced behind the head. The legs are stretched straight, the crown of the head in line with the toes.Actions:
Geometry: The torso and legs are in an upward v shaped like a boat. The arms are stretched straight, shoulder width and parallel to the floor.
Knees Bent.
Legs Straight.
Sit on the floor in Dandasana, hands by the sides of the waist, fingers point towards the feet. Stretch the hands straight and keep the back erect.
Take the trunk slightly back and raise the legs from the ground and keep the legs firm like a staff. Legs are at a 60 - 65 degree angle and the feet are higher than the head.
Model: Sara Agelasto Credit: Peter Agelasto
Sit in Dandasana. Lie down on your back with your legs stretched straight, arms by the sides, palms face the ground.Bend both the legs. Bring the heels towards the buttocks. Flex the legs at the hips. Bring the thighs towards the abdomen.Exhale. Raise the legs to be perpendicular to the floor. Straighten the legs. Keep the hips and sacrum on the ground.Exhale. Bend the legs. Bring the thighs toward the abdomen. Lower the feet and legs to the floor. 
  Yogi's Sleeping Pose Nidra means sleep. Yoganidrasana is a state between sleep and wakefulness. It is also the name given to the sleep of Visnu at the end of a Yuga, an age of the world. In this pose, the legs are interlaced behind the back of the neck and the hands are clasped behind the back which rests on the ground. The legs form the Yogi's pillow and the back of his couch. The practice of this pose warms up the body very rapidly. It is therefore used by Yogis living in high altitudes to keep warm.

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