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Yogi-Sourcing - Contribute $108

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Yogi-Sourcing One Hundred and Eight Bucks
Crowd Sourced Yoga - Contribute $108
Backshish Amount: 

The single-most expensive piece of our website IS the iHanuman website. Our Technology Partner, Digital Relab, has invested over $108,000 since we Hand-Built Version 1.0 of our community AND download store in 2007. In 2010, Digital Relab moved our site to Wordpress Multi-User (WPMU) AND now Digital Relab has blown us away with version 3.0 in 2014! iHanuman is now an integrated community and digital download store using Drupal and Drupal Commerce. Our functionality has exponentially exploded! Not to mention next phase of development which will include the latest Digital Archive and Distribution Platform, Starchive, whose current clients include Bob Dylan, Sri Swami Satchidananda and Dada Vaswani! 

iHanuman has been kept on the forefront of technology with the help of Digital Relab and our goal is to pay them forward. We aim to raise $108,000 to hire Digital Relab to continue to Build, Support and Market the latest version 3.0 and beyond. If 1000 people donate $108, we will meet our goal. Support Us and Help us Continue to Create and Distribute High Quality Yoga Media. 

If you are interested in any further information on what we are up to, please Contact Us! 



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Our Mission is to Create and Distribute High Quality Media on the Practice and Philosophy of Yoga. 5% of Our Business Goes to Charitable Organizations. We Help Yoga Teachers Reach A Global Audience Find A Burgeoning Yoga Community! Enjoy our Free Features! Help Us Build the First Ever User-Generated Yoga Asana Index !

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