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Submit Your Class

Are you interested in DISTRIBUTING your AUDIO or VIDEO with iHanuman? Well then, what are you waiting for? CONTACT US with a sample of one of your recordings and we will consult with you to get you started. Please make sure that ALL CONTENT is YOUR OWN and is related to YOGA - this can be a class, workshop, interview, music performance, sanskrit lesson, reading from a book, etc. The possibilities are endless. We want to hear from you!  Contact Us with any questions.

Master Your Classes with iHanuman

Not all audio quality was created equally. iHanuman partners Monkeyclaus Recording Studio to offer YOU the ability to provide high-quality YOGA downloads to YOUR students. Please send us a sample of your recording. For information about recording devices we recommend as well as some information about what others are using, please visit our recording page OR feel free to Contact Us.

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