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The Yoga Sutra offers a practical path for achieving the state of yoga--union between mind, body, and spirit. Join Kate Hallahan and the students at Charlottesville Yoga School for a free 90 minute lecture on this seminal text of classical yoga. This talk includes historical background and an overview of concepts contained within the text, as well as practical suggestions for implementing its wisdom in our daily lives.
Listen to the Introduction to the Yoga Sutras Part 1 with Kate Hallahan
Join Kate Hallahan, E-RYT for a lecture on yoga for women's health. Issues such as depression, anxiety, PMS, menstrual discomfort, and menopause will be addressed. This lecture is directed towards yoga teachers, or for yoga students with their own home practice. [audio:http://www.ihanuman.com/media/audio/kate_hallahan/Kate_Womens_Yoga_Lecture.mp3]
Credit: Woven - Montauk Beach Finally March has arrived and we can begin to wake ourselves up from our long winter's nap. In March, we clear away the clutter from the windy cold winter to allow the new green sprouts to show their color. We plant seeds for what we want to grow and blossom this spring and summer and prune the last of the dead limbs. What remains? What are we bringing forth into the new year to nourish the seeds and tender green shoots? And who are the people in our lives that will support us on this journey?
Credit: Lululemon Athletica Love is in the air this month. And if it's not, we need to ask ourselves, 'Why not?" There have been many a February in my life where I did not have a significant other and often felt lacking and inferior in the days leading up to Valentine's Day. What I discovered is that sense of lack was usually due to missing self love. I had not learned to love myself, so how could I expect to someone else to love me?
GhandiAfter a month of gratitude, it is time to answer the question, What Impact can the practice of Yoga have on the World? In the spirit of giving, we have several Complimentary Pieces of audio for you to help answer this question. Our feature this month is a discussion with Senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher, John Schumacher. John tackles the question, " Can Yoga Save the World?"
We started iHanuman as an independent media company providing enriching and uplifting high-quality content on the ancient science and art of yoga. There is enough that we encounter on a day-to-day basis that is confrontational and rajasic. iHanuman aims to be a voice that rises through the crowds helping to raise the vibration of the planet. And we appreciate everyone who listens and participates in this little dream of ours. We are so grateful for all of the teachers who contribute and for all of the students who listen, comment, subscribe, and download. Each interaction is a karmic exchange which gives us more energy. So Thank YOU from the bottom of our hearts for helping to build the bridge with iHanuman.
In looking for some inspiration for writing this newsletter, I did not have to do much more than walk outside. It is amazing how beautiful and wonderful the world is, especially in the springtime after a long cold winter. It was not that long ago when people depended on new shoots and leaves of spring as the first fresh food since at least the Winter Solstice. IMAGINE if you HAD TO wait until the middle of March to eat fresh greens!
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