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When and how can you get your students to commit to one practice- and should you even try?
Walk down the street and witness the shapes and sizes of pedestrians, the colors and makes of passing cars, and the dazzling array of merchandise in shop windows. Abundance bombards us from every angle.
This smorgasbord of options also seeps into yoga. Ashtanga, Anusara, Bikram, Iyengar, Sivananda - the list goes on.
At a certain point you need to make some important decisions. Just as you determined whether of not you would be a vegetarian, how you would earn a living, or in what neighborhood you'd live, must you also settle on one style of yoga?
For over 40 years, legendary and humble yoga Master Sri Dharma Mittra has been promoting a live food diet to students around the world. A Disciple of Sri Swami Kailashananda, Dharma Mittra has spent his life in service to humanity, and has been personally responsible for the advancement of healthy living through a live diet as taught to him by his own Guru, Yogi Gupta. From his days in the Ashram, preparing live food and juices for the Guru and Ashram residents, to his earliest days in the 1970’s as a celebrated teacher in NYC, sprouting almonds and juicing vegetables and fruits for his students, this saintly Yogi has been living and spreading the knowledge of a live diet long before it gained the popularity of today.
You can tell alot about a person through the food they eat. The choices we make about food begins to show what a person thinks about herself, her environment, her body, even her beliefs. For instance, Yoga Teacher = Vegetarian. Right?  It turns out, not as often as you'd think. I for one,  did not become a vegetarian for "yogic" reasons, nor because of PETA ads, nor did I harbor a particularly large sentiment for the animals we eat (that all came later).
We have FOUR events to attend over the next 36 hours! This is how my very social new married family rolls, but it is important for me to have a plan in place so I can enjoy myself physically and emotionally during this busy time.�Â�  So what is my plan of attack to survive this holiday with grace? 1. Exercise - Our families live just blocks from the Atlantic Ocean and I can never keep myself away while I am home. I plan to take several walks on the beach over the next 3 days. (And there are several little furry friends who can join me.) I will walk tomorrow morning and since I can walk to my parents house from my in-laws house I will walk to and from Thanksgiving Dinner. How cool!
Yoga has an almost addictive quality to it. If you start doing yoga, it starts doing you too. The search for knowledge, wisdom and truth morph into numerous shapes and forms along the inner journey. When you enter the world of yoga sometimes you'll even find a whole Indian performance awaiting you: harmonium, chanting, flowers, pujas, small women demonstrating yoga postures, deities blessing you, henna painting and vegetarians--it's a Bollywood show that draws you in.
began in 1996 with a group of Canadian yoga teachers working together to bring yoga into British Columbia's correctional system. Since then they have expanded their focus, promoting healing and transformation by bringing yoga to many other populations who would not have access otherwise. Volunteers now teach over 30 classes per week in settings ranging from health care to transition houses, shelters to treatment and recovery centers. On May 22-24, 2008, Yoga Outreach will hold its 10th Annual Fundraising Retreat to support its services and important mission:
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