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We just passed through the first New Moon of the New Year. New Moons are always potent times to set intentions, but particularly the first New Moon of the New Year. This past year felt particularly destabilizing and I have absolutely cherished my yoga practice, as it keeps me steady, clear and grounded in the present. I pay fairly close attention to what is going on around me, but as a yoga practitioner, one of the disciplines of the practice is to not get pulled into the drama - the ups and downs of everyday human existence.
Dear Friends, Last month, we emphasized staying centered and grounded within as we transition through the darkest time of year. We are on the other side of the winter solstice, but wintertime encourages us to remain reflective and drawn in, not to overextend ourselves as our energies are different at this time of year. Continue to take advantage of the shorter days and longer nights. Go to bed early and encourage deep rest during the remaining few weeks of winter.
This Winter has been a doozy! Lots of sickness, sniffles, fevers, record-breaking temperatures and snowfall! It has been challenging just to stay afloat. Interestingly enough, the winter season is connected to the water element and all we are really meant to do is float; float along the currents of the oscillating waves around us. It can be challenging, however, to remember to go with the flow in the Winter time when our constantly, on-the-go, 24/7, around-the-clock technologically overcharged universe never stops.
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