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Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal

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Nothing ruins a great Sunday like a bad case of winter flu. Just imagine being sick all day long when you have an extremely important work deadline to meet. Or not being able to get out of bed to be with friends and family. The disadvantages of getting terrible flu cannot be countered after you have acquired it. Then it’s a bit of a journey to the road of suffering. Falling sick is probably for the cavemen who didn’t know yoga or were simply busy sharpening their rocks for hunting.
Since the beginning, our mentors have a strong impact on our lives. Our first mentors are usually our parents and we can see how we mimic their qualities and habits, slowly making them a part of our lives. As we grow up and get into schools, our primary school teachers help shape our minds, teaching ways to absorb information from the environment and then processing it. Our upbringing and teaching help shape our futures. A good role-model will influence and encourage us to do better in life.
In recent times, traveling has become a de-stressing therapy for many, including yogis. But unknowingly, people often exert the body in order to destress the mind. Yoga practitioners have found a solution to this problem which is incorporating yoga and travel.
Summary: Need reasons to start practicing yoga at home? The following article will give you evidence, as well as benefits to prove why practicing yoga at home, is beneficial.
In 2017 a research was conducted by the researchers of the University of Maryland and the National Institute of Health. The study was conducted on a group of students; half of them were practicing yoga at home and the other half at yoga classes. Researchers found that the group practicing yoga at home reported better well-being, body mass index, mindfulness, etc. In fact, fruits and vegetable consumption increased, slept peacefully, experienced less fatigue in comparison with the other group.
Summary: Asking questions during your yoga teacher training is an important aspect. Try to ask questions to your teacher that you may find difficult to get answers to during your yoga sessions. The following article will help you prepare a list of your questions.
Summary: Nepal is no less than India when it comes to yoga teacher training in Nepal, adventure and even spirituality. The following article will answer all your questions about why Nepal is no less than India.
Summary: Explore the vibrant culture and colorful tradition of Nepal during the soulful yogic escapade. Explore the article to know the different places in Nepal best for yoga retreats and teacher training.
To be an evolved practitioner and an eminent yoga teacher, you need to undergo yoga training, and all the better if it is Nepal. Explore the article and know why to do yoga teacher training in Nepal and the opportunity the country bestows. Traverse to the land that witnesses the mystical merger of nature, spirituality, and yoga, and submerge deep into this magical world created by the country of Nepal. Renowned as the meditation capital, Nepal is an ancient yogic land of yoga that bestows you a wonderful opportunity to discover ‘self’ and form a connection with your spiritual being.
Yoga is described as the journey of the self, through the self, to the self according to Bhagavad Gita and the ancient old practice helps you to discover your true self. Learn how by reading this article. “Whichever path you take, carrying yoga with you will make it easy and beautiful” – Sadhguru
Humans have forever been on a journey to find more meaningful and deeper experiences in life. It comes natural with being human, and arguably since, the word “more” has been easily attached to this search for better experiences. More of materialism, more of love, more of grief, more of money and more of love, almost as though they are testing their extremes.
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