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Addiction, Recovery and Yoga

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A Feature Documentary Film by Iyengar Yoga Teacher, Lindsey Clennell. How people have used yoga as part of their journey in recovery programs from serious addiction problems to a new life of well-being and emotional stability.
Shantigar Foundation & Lindsey Clennell present "Addiction, Recovery and Yoga", a film by Lindsey Clennell. Produced by Lindsey & Jake Clennell. Associate Producer Robert N. Cory. Director of Photography - Jake Clennell. Edited by Hisayo Kushida.

Includes the following Chapters:

1. Introduction10. Surrender to a Higher Power
2. Addiction Problems11. Facing the Truth
3. Rock Bottom and First Twelve Step Meeting12. Yoga In Depth
4. Stopping13. Meditation
5. Truth and Inspiration14. Sobriety One Day At a Time
6. Chances of Success15. Emotional Stability
7. Twelve Steps16. Real Life Changes
8. Denial17. Epilogue
9. Restoring Sane Thoughts 
Addiction, Recovery and Yoga
Lindsey Clennell
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85 minutes
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