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Common Ground Workshop 2016

Welcome to the iHanuman Digital Download Store! Enjoy Incredible Classes, Workshops, Lectures and Training Videos to assist your Daily Practice. We Contribute AT LEAST 5% of EVERY Sale to Charitable Organizations. Learn More...

Recorded live at Common Ground Healing Arts, this special weekend workshop with Kofi includes 2 Two-Hour Intermediate Level Classes, 2 Two-Hour All Levels classes, 1 One-Hour Pranayama Class AND a Three-Hour Teacher's Class for a Total of Thirteen hours of Instruction! The classes are also sold individually and you will find descriptions and pose lists for each of those classes linked to and listed below. As there were many times Kofi demonstrated actions during the classes, we captured several videos to supplement the Teachers Class as well as the All Levels Class. These Videos Can Be Accessed Through Our Playlist Here. All of Kofi's classes are laced with his inspirational stories and all of his recordings on iHanuman are part of our Karma Collection where over 50% of the proceeds from the sales of the class will go towards charitable organization. In this case, the beneficiary is the venue, Common Ground Healing Arts.

Kofi Busia
Common Ground Workshop 2016
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