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The Energetic Center of Our Living System

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Our yoga practice is not a practice of mechanical poses but rather one in which we respond to the rapidly changing information that the body is providing in the moment.  As we develop our mat practice we become actively more aware, more open, and more present as we synchronize our body, mind, and breathe.  We do our best to meet any resistance with kindness and care.  When we are really listening to the body openly we are in the experience in an open state; ready to learn.  In each asana, we explore the relationship to the center. We assess and perceive our own center, feeling the spine and skillfully responding to the tensions that we feel. The lower belly center is the intersecting location where the legs structurally meet the spine as well as being the center of gravity orienting the body in space.  Energetically, it relates to feelings, sexuality and creativity and acts as a storage area for our energy or life force. By cultivating the awareness of this physical and energetic lower center over time, we are given a focus for exploration which leads to deep understanding and insight as well as physical release.

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The Energetic Center of Our Living System
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