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Freedom Class

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Our explorations in yoga practice are oriented to freeing ourselves of that which binds us. This includes freeing our minds,  freeing our joints, freedom in the spine, and freedom in our breathing.  To experience optimum health, it is powerful to feel a sense of freedom within our bodies structure.  Everybody’s body is different and has different tensional dynamics. Often our bodily tensions are more obvious than the freedom within our body.  Each position that we adopt is a different organization of physical structure and tensions and our work is in attempting to find freedom within that structure. This may express as feeling open and spacious within the structure of a yoga pose or simply the ability to make small movements and readjustments that bring more ease and an internal sense of bodily freedom.  In summary, our physical explorations within a yoga practice create more freedom and more space, which in turn brings us towards perceptions of greater health and a floating sense within the body.

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