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Led Practice #10 for Experienced Beginners

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This video is part of a progressive series of Yoga classes taught alternately by Senior Teachers Betsey Downing and Jaye Martin. Betsey and Jaye teach a logically sequenced series of poses within each class, gradually advancing the poses across the series of classes. Perfect for beginners or experienced students looking for inspiration in their home practice. Get the entire set and experience the fun and power of progressive teaching!

Episode 10, led by Jaye, is intended for Advanced Beginners. The pinnacle is Revolved Side Angle Pose and the theme is Embrace Your Goddess. The principle embodying the theme is Muscle Energy.

by: Beth Cholette
This video download is the tenth “Yoga Today” episode, a series of twelve Anusara yoga classes presented by the Garden of the Heart yoga studio. It is instructed one-on-one by Jaye Martin, who practices alone in a small studio with both a water fountain and vague snippets of soft music playing in the background. During his brief introduction, Martin sets a theme for practice—the theme of this session is “embracing your goodness,” and Martin returns to this theme throughout the class. He cues the poses in both English and Sanskrit, and he provides mirrored cueing for the standing postures.Martin begins the class briefly in a seated position to chant a single “ohm,” but he then comes immediately to standing for sun salutations. He performs two full rounds of the sun salutation series, incorporating upright lunge, dancing cobra, and twisting lunge. After concluding this series, Martin performs three repetitions of a standing twist in preparation for tree/twisting tree. Next, it’s back down to the floor for down dog and side plank. This is followed by a standing pose flow: Martin cues warrior 2, triangle, and half-moon all on one side before moving to the other side for the same series of poses. Martin then begins to prepare for revolved postures. He starts with intense side stretch, moves into revolved triangle (showing both an easier variation and the full version of the posture), and finally, comes to the pinnacle posture of this practice, revolved side angle, which he performs with the back foot against a wall for greater stability.The practice draws to a close with down dog and child’s poses. Martin provides brief instruction to set up the approximately 6-minute savasana (or “guided relaxation,” as it is called on-screen), but he allows you to rest quietly for the remainder. He concludes the class in a seated position with a final “ohm,” bringing the total class time in at 54 minutes (minus the introduction). As the title suggests, this class provides a great opportunity for more experienced yoga students to begin experimenting with some challenging revolved postures.
Jaye Martin Led Practice #10
Led Practice #10 for Experienced Beginners
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