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Level II August 22, 2007

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All John's classes follow the Iyengar method of yoga, based on the teachings of B.K.S. Iyengar, the foremost living yoga teacher in the world. His rigorous approach emphasizes a balance between strength and flexibility, builds endurance, and develops Self-awareness through precision in movement and attention to subtleties of body, breath, mind, and spirit.
Level II classes are for the students who have completed the introductory (Level I) course. The basic poses will be refined with an emphasis on all the standing poses. Inverted poses (headstand, plow, and shoulderstand) will be introduced.

by: Beth Cholette
This live audio consists of an intermediate-to-advanced class led by Iyengar trained yoga instructor John Schumacher. At 90 minutes (actual time is 85 minutes), it is shorter than Schumacher\'s Level III classes, yet it still features the practice of advanced postures, including a full inversions (although an alternative pose option is offered). Furthermore, Schumacher uses only Sanskrit terminology to cue the poses, so a solid familiarity with Sanskrit is needed in order to follow along with this class.Schumacher begins the class slowly, allowing the participants to warm up through the practice of several different forward bend. As he does for many of the postures, he provides detailed instruction for Uttanasana, meticulously setting up this relatively simple pose. The inversions appear early on in the practice in the form of full handstand (with half-handstand as an option) and a long (6 minute) hold of headstand. The main body of this class, however, is a strong, seated forward bend sequence which includes the practice of half-lotus forward fold and variations. Schumacher also spends quite a bit of time coaching his class to perform Malasana (garland) pose at the wall. Finishing postures include shoulderstand, plow, and a 13-minute savasana: Schumacher spends just a few minutes setting up the final pose before allowing silent relaxation to end the practice.Schumacher\'s rapport with his students is evidenced throughout this session, as he constantly moves amongst his students, calling them by name and sometimes even gently chiding them, but with a good deal of humor and responding laughter from the class. Overall, this is a nice practice for students looking for the detailed level of alignment instruction that an experienced Iyengar teacher like Schumacher can provide.

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