Level II-III 12-17-2009 | iHanuman


Love, Service, Devotion, Yoga

Level II-III 12-17-2009

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This is a restorative class concentrating on turning the consciousness inward. Benefit from relaxing supported asanas and directed breathing to reduce tension, improve circulation, quiet the nervous system and support the immune system. Through the poses, we will use the breath as a means to both discipline and quiet the mind; drawing individual awareness and reflection into the body, to increase concentration insight into your Self. Before attempting to follow along with this practice, be sure to have a wide variety of props handy: John has his students use multiple blankets (some postures require 3-5), blocks, yoga straps, and a backless chair in addition to yoga mats. Also, given that John uses mainly Sanskrit terminology to cue the postures, a fundamental familiarity with Sanskrit is suggested.

Level II-III 12-17-2009
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90 minutes
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