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Level III August 28, 2007

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During the Summer Session, John practices cooling forward bending poses to balance the heat of the season.  This is a strong forward bending class including Krounchasana, Akarna Dhanurasana, Malasana and Kurmasana.All John's classes follow the Iyengar method of yoga, based on the teachings of B.K.S. Iyengar, the foremost living yoga teacher in the world. His rigorous approach emphasizes a balance between strength and flexibility, builds endurance, and develops Self-awareness through precision in movement and attention to subtleties of body, breath, mind, and spirit.

Level III classes are for students with previous Iyengar training who are strong in standing poses and can do headstand, shoulderstand, and plow with confidence. You will be expected to perform salamba sirsasana, salamba sarvangasana, and halasana for up to fifteen minutes in Level III classes. Please do not attempt these poses without the proper preparation.

by: Beth Cholette
This 120-minute practice is a live audio of a class led by Iyengar-trained yoga instructor John Schumacher. As a Level III class, it is intended for students with prior Iyengar experience who able to hold inverted postures for 10-15 minutes. Furthermore, Schumacher uses only Sanskrit terminology to cue the poses, so a solid familiarity with Sanskrit is needed in order to follow along with this class.Schumacher begins the practice at a slow, measured pace, allowing the class to get comfortable with proper posture and alignment in both a seated position and downward-facing dog, which he has his students hold for some length of time. A long hold of headstand appears early on as well. Other postures during the first hour of the class include seated forward bends and heron pose. In the second hour of the class, Schumacher moves into some more advanced work starting with an arm balance; he also coaxes his students into foot-behind-head pose in a reclined position. He takes the class through additional seated postures before finishing with shoulderstand variations.Schumacher\'s audio practices provide a classic Iyengar yoga class experience, and this one is no exception. His Level III classes in particular offer the rare opportunity for more advanced students to practice postures seldom seen in other yoga media. Finally, throughout the class, listeners are treated to Schumacher\'s personal interactions with his students, including calling them by name and both praising them and scolding them gently when appropriate.

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