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The Journey Towards Relaxation

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The process of learning to relax is one of the most complex journeys of one’s life.  Dedicating ourselves to this enquiry helps us learn to release fully into our embodiment. The practice of deeply relaxing and navigating out of the mind and into the heart again and again, during our yoga practice, allows us to compassionately meet the tension in our body without conflict.  To do this, it is helpful to place the observation of our own natural system as the primary focus of our attention, above anything we think we know about our yoga postures.  Learning to feel with wide open perception like this, returns us to a very old part of ourselves, that is as ancient as awareness itself.  The feeling of our body is deeper than any cerebral processes.  When the  postural explorations of yoga arise from this more open state of being and perceiving, it supports relaxation through the absence of a goal oriented approach which brings a greater degree of ease and a sense of physical lightness.

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The Journey Towards Relaxation
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