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Lazy Yoga (Abridged)

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A practice sequence designed by “YogaMatt” for days when the motivation to practice is lacking. Most poses are performed in a supine position with a focus on leg stretching, twisting, & abdominal toning poses. A relaxing and invigorating practice for any time of day.

by: Beth Cholette
Instructor Matt Harris calls this class “Lazy Yoga” not because it is an easy routine, per se, but because the full 50-minute practice is performed entirely on the floor. Harris encourages his students to have props available prior to beginning; he suggests a blanket for under the head, and both a yoga belt and a bolster are used later in the practice. Faint music can be heard in the background, although unfortunately, Harris’s microphone tends to pick up the more immediate noises of his movements throughout the class.Harris begins by setting the class up on the floor in half savasana for what he calls the “supta series.” This is a lovely sequence of hip openers which includes a single knee hug, a variation on half happy babies pose, thread the needle, and a crossed-legged reclined twist. Next comes a series of supta padangusthasana variations using the belt, including a crossed-legged version and a wide-legged version. Harris then instructs his students to pull their knees into their chests to prepare for moving into full happy babies pose. The sequence which follows starts with a windshield wiper twist, moves into reclining firelog pose, and then finally, after returning to the windshield wiper twist, shifts into a one-legged reclining hero’s position (this last transition is a bit difficult to intuit with the audio-only format, but I found that Harris cued it much better on the second side).At this point, Harris transitions into leading his students through a few more restorative postures. The first of these is supportive bridge, using a bolster under the pelvis. After a nice hold in this pose, Harris has his students adjust the bolster downward slightly so that they can lie in a resting position with their legs crossed Indian-style on the bolster. The legs remain on the bolster for cobbler’s pose, and finally, there is a short (2 minutes) relaxation with the legs up and over the bolster before Harris concludes the practice in a seated position.Although some knowledge of basic yoga postures is assumed here, this class is appropriate for all levels of yoga students. However, several of the poses might be challenging for those with limited flexibility, especially in the areas of the hips and the hamstrings. But for most, this practice lives up to the promise of its title by offering a wonderful routine of supine yoga postures for a “lazy” day.
Lazy Yoga (Abridged)
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